Raffensperger Calls for Ranked-Choice Voting, Lowering Runoff Threshold in Georgia via @nationalfile https://nationalfile.com/raffensperger-calls-for-ranked-choice-voting-lowering-runoff-threshold-in-georgia/ Raffensperger Calls for Ranked-Choice Voting, Lowering Runoff Threshold…
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Diodati is on the ballot for the first time on November 8th.
Allegra Lawrence-Hardy and Stacey Abrams have been close friends since college, and the pair attended Yale Law School together.
The Supreme Court of Georgia made the ruling on Tuesday which followed the state code for legal standing, as opposed to the federal code.
The Herschel Walker campaign has distanced itself from Phillips after he attacked the service canine of a fellow Georgian which resulted in the dog's…
A former judicial magistrate is facing a criminal investigation due to a referral by his county elections director.
It is also now #10 on Politics/Social Science Short Reads, let's try to get it to #1!
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